Indoor tile / outdoor / wall / floor


  • Location:

    indoor, outdoor

  • Installation:

    wall, floor

  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

  • Motif:

    nature pattern

  • Finish:

    matte, textured

  • Appearance:

    wood look, parquet look

  • Color:

    beige, brown, sand

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resistance, large-format, antibacterial, high-performance, dyed in the mass, thin, low-VOC, water-repellent, step

  • Length:

    300 cm (118.11 in), 150 cm (59.06 in)

  • Width:

    30 cm (11.81 in), 150 cm (59.06 in)

  • Thickness:

    6 mm


This collection pays tribute to large planks of top-quality wood, where time has left its natural hallmark through the wood grain pattern and knots. Bosco is inspired by oak, with a more uniform finish than other wood coverings, aimed at infusing living spaces of all kinds with warmth, elegance and a distinctive personality.


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