indoor tile / outdoor / wall / floor



  • Location:

    indoor, outdoor

  • Installation:

    wall, floor

  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

  • Motif:

    nature pattern

  • Finish:

    matte, embossed

  • Appearance:

    stone look

  • Color:

    white, brown

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resistance, non-slip, frost-resistant, large-format, antibacterial, high-performance, dyed in the mass, thin, low-VOC, step, water-repellent, laminated, tertiary

  • Thickness:

    Min.: 6 mm

    Max.: 10.5 mm


Jasper takes us to the deep of the woods and to the solidity of the large rocks, to the wildest nature that surrounds us as a primary force.
This porcelain tile collection represents the material and chromatic richness of natural stone, restrained and energetic. The contrast between its smooth surface and an extremely high non-slip coefficient highly surprises us. It makes it ideal for use both inside and outside.
Jasper has two warm and neutral colours: Blanco and Moka, with a Bush-hammered finishing.