indoor tile / outdoor / wall / floor



  • Location:

    indoor, outdoor

  • Installation:

    wall, floor

  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

  • Motif:


  • Finish:

    matte, embossed, smooth, bush hammered, structure

  • Appearance:

    terrazzo look

  • Color:

    gray, white, black, blue, green, sand

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resistance, large-format, antibacterial, high-performance, dyed in the mass, thin, low-VOC, water-repellent

  • Thickness:

    Min.: 6 mm

    Max.: 6 mm


The terrazzo aesthetic has forcefully burst into our lives once again as a trend in interior design and decoration. Inalco renews these surfaces with Fluorite, a large-format porcelain tile collection that comes from the fusion of ideas with Katty Shiebeck, a young talented designer.

Fluorite updates this familiar design with an innovative revamped air, and it is composed of mineral shades highlighted this season, such as mauve and green, together with other timeless and neutral ones, such as Blanco, Piedra. The latest addition to round up the chromatic range of this collection is Negro, available in natural and bush-hammered finishings. Fluorite brings together vintage and avant-garde aesthetics in one design.