PV inverter / string / single-phase / transformerless



  • Power source:


  • Connection:


  • Phase:


  • Options and accessories:

    transformerless, residential

  • Peak power:

    Min.: 3 kW (4 hp)

    Max.: 6 kW (8 hp)


The INGECON® SUN Lite TL are single-phase transformerless inverters, designed for residential and commercial sectors and available with an extensive range of power outputs from 2.5 to 6 kW.

Fast-on connectors on DC side (type 4) and AC side and built-in RS485 communication for simple installation. The country-specific configuration and language can be easily selected from the inverter screen. Rugged aluminium housing suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, able to withstand extreme temperatures. The cooling fans are easily replaceable by the user.

The INGECON® SUN Lite TL inverters feature an internal datalogger for three months’ data storage with control from either a remote PC or on-site from the inverter front keypad through its LCD screen.

Included at no extra cost are the INGECON® SUN Manager, INGECON® SUN Monitor and its iSun Monitor smartphone version for monitoring and recording the inverter data over the internet.

Standard 5 year warranty, extendable for up to 25 years.


Maximum efficiency up to 97%.
Maximum ease of installation.
Cost-effective solution.
IP65 protection rating.
Built-in RS485 communication.
LCD graphic display and keypad.
Internal datalogger for up to 3 months data storage.
Language, Country Code and rated voltage configurable by display.
INGECON® SUN Manager software for configuration and data recording.
INGECON® SUN Monitor web portal for PV plants remote access.
Compliance with the main low and medium voltage standards and regulations.

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