PV inverter / string / three-phase



  • Power source:


  • Connection:


  • Phase:


  • Peak power:

    Min.: 10 kW (14 hp)

    Max.: 40 kW (54 hp)


The new INGECON® SUN 3Play TL M inverters are designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications and for large-scale decentralised PV installations.

They feature a single DC-to-AC power conversion stage with an advanced double maximum power point tracking system (MPPT), making it possible to harness the maximum energy from the PV array at all times, including difficult situations such as scattered clouds and partial shading. Great flexibility for configuring the solar array, thanks to the two independent MPPT trackers with a wide input voltage range. Possibility of asymmetrical configurations.

The inverter connection is fast and simple and the country-specific configuration and language can be easily selected from the inverter screen. Each model has different versions to choose from, depending on the accesories included.

Thanks to its steel and aluminium casing, especially designed for indoor and outdoor installation (IP65 protection rating) it withstands very high temperatures, providing its rated power up to 55 ºC.

The INGECON® SUN 3Play TL M inverters feature an internal datalogger for up to 3 months data storage, a LCD screen for simple and convenient monitoring of the inverter status and a range of internal variables and three LEDs to show the inverter operating status.

Included at no extra cost are the INGECON® SUN Manager, INGECON® SUN Monitor and its smartphone version iSun Monitor for monitoring and recording the inverter data over the internet. RS485 communications are supplied as standard. In addition, users can download the latest version of the firmware from the Ingeteam website and update it using a simple SD memory card.

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