inverter station for photovoltaic applications



  • Options:

    for photovoltaic applications

  • Power:

    Max.: 3,280 kVA (4,460 hp)

    Min.: 3,280 kVA (4,460 hp)


The very latest technological development by Ingeteam. All the devices required for a multi-megawatt system incorporated into a single 22 ft. shelter with three separate compartments and different cooling systems, easily transportable by road everywhere in Europe thanks to its small dimensions and low weight.

The INGECON® SUN PowerStation SHE22 is a compact, customizable and flexible solution that can be configured to suit each customer’s requirement. Thanks to its panel-based structure, the internal layout can be customized to incorporate various INGECON® SUN PowerMax B (Monoblock), M (Multi-MPPT) and X (Master/Slave) series central inverters.series central inverters. Ideal for low environmental impact applications.

The inverter station can be easily transported by road, thanks to its reduced dimensions and low overall weight. The hot galvanised steel structure is designed to guarantee maximum mechanical strength and durability. The walls and roof contain a 50 mm rigid fire-proof polyurethane foam filling, to guarantee perfect water resistance and correct thermal insulation.

Thanks to its innovative design, all devices are readily accessible, thereby making it easier to inspect, maintain and repair the INGECON® SUN PowerStation SHE22. The MV transformer compartment door is equipped with safety lock with a blocking code.

The internal temperature of inverter compartment is controlled by high efficiency hot air extraction plenums and centrifugal fan systems. A number of internal and external probes guarantee a constant ambient temperature. The incoming air is filtered through special grids mounted on the bottom of the walls.

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