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Thanks to its CSC approval for overseas shipment, The INGECON® SUN PowerStation CON20 Base Concrete can be marketed and installed everywhere in the world. This MV turnkey solution integrates up to four transformerless PV central inverters, liquid-filled step up transformer, Medium Voltage switchgear, Low Voltage distribution panels and monitoring equipment. It is delivered fully equipped for plug & play installation at project site.

Equipped with everything necessary: high efficiency inverters, auxiliary services switchgear, Medium Voltage cubicle and LV/MV transformer. Available with high-speed Ethernet/Fiber Optic communication infrastructure for plug & play connection to Power Plant Controller, monitoring and SCADA systems.

Maximum power density: This INGECON® SUN PowerStation CON20 is available with two, three or four INGECON® SUN PowerMax B Series 1,000 V or 1,500 V inverters, Ingeteam’s most compact PV inverters, as they provide the maximum power per cubic foot. This makes it possible to achieve up to 6,560 kVA in a single inverter station.

Grid support: The INGECON® SUN PowerMax PV inverters have been designed to comply with the most demanding international grid codes, contributing to the quality and stability of the electric system. Low voltage and High voltage ride-through capability, reactive power deliverance and active power control are just some of their main features.

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