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INGECON SUN 160-320 Ingeteam

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string box string box - INGECON SUN 160-320


The INGECON® SUN StringControl is a device for measuring each PV generator string current and detecting defective string currents through INGECON® SUN Manager software, INGECON® SUN SCADA and/or other monitoring systems. String currents can be monitored through the RS485, Ethernet Modbus/TCP and GSM/GPRS communication interfaces.

Available in models ranging from 16 to 32 inputs and equipped with PV connectors type 4 (standard) or cable glands inlet connections, the INGECON® SUN StringControl string combiner boxes provide the maximum flexibility and expandability in system design. The compact and rugged IP65 enclosure is designed for installation in outdoor environments, such as roof-mounted systems and large-scale solar farms.

The INGECON® SUN StringControl intelligent combiner boxes can be equipped with touch- safe DC fuse holders, DC fuses, lightning induced DC surge arresters and load disconnector switch.


Built to minimize system costs by providing the maximum flexibility.
Available with RS485 (standard), Ethernet or GSM/ GPRS communication (optional).
Available in 16 and 32 input configurations.
Rated for 1,000 Vdc maximum voltage.
Simplifies input and output wiring.
String polarity verifier function.
Self-powering from DC strings.
Capability to connect up to 2 strings per input (StringControl 320 models).
Capability to connect up to 2 DC output cables per polarity.
IP65 protection rating.
Maximum protection to corrosion and pollution thanks to the isolating polyester enclosure reinforced with fiberglass.

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