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INGECON® SUN SCADA is a set of perfectly built-in software tools, specifically designed for developing Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADAs) and Human-machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Web-based and platform independent: Customers do not have to install any software on their PC. The PV plant pages can be viewed by using a simple web browser. The pages can be viewed from any device and with any operating system. Customers can use a standard PC, laptop with Windows, Linux or MAC OS as well as an Android or iOS Smartphone/ tablet.

Redundant: INGECON® SUN SCADA can be set-up in a hot-redundancy configuration. This configuration foresees two servers that continuously synchronize data between them. When the main server goes down the backup server is ready to take its place and all the connected clients are automatically redirected to it.

Two different solutions:

Standalone: The server is installed in one of the PV plant buildings (usually a control room). Customers can access the supervision system from every machine that has an ethernet access to the plant (direct access or via VPN).
Cloud: This solution foresees a small hardware installed in the PV plant that acquires data from all the devices and send them to one of the Ingeteam cloud servers. Customers can access their PV plants by simply entering a user name and password on the server.

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