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The INGECON® EMS Plant Controller helps the grid operator to predict the PV plant performance and to guarantee the quality and stability of the electricity distribution.

It features an advanced control algorithm combined with a fast and efficient communications system, with response times of less than one second, allowing precise control of the active and reactive power delivered by the plant to the grid.

The INGECON® EMS Plant Controller controls the PV inverters, ensuring compliance with the grid operator’s requirements at the PV plant connection point. It is also possible to manage energy storage systems and other devices such as diesel generators, through the use of INGECON® SUN STORAGE PowerMax inverters.

A PV plant with power plant controller can consist of:

INGECON® EMS Plant Controller (comprising measurement, control and communication).
INGECON® SUN PowerMax series PV inverters or INGECON® SUN PowerStation inverter stations connected to the PV array.
INGECON® SUN STORAGE PowerMax series battery inverters connected to the energy storage system (only when energy storage systems are required).
INGECON® SUN SCADA plant monitoring system.
Communication network.
The INGECON® EMS Plant Controller permits the dynamic modification of the grid operator setpoints. For this purpose, a number of communication protocols are incorporated such as Modbus TCP, IEC 61850, DNP 3.0, IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104. Likewise, it includes digital and analogue I/O modules in order to extend the communication capabilities with third-party devices. Furthermore, the INGECON® EMS Plant Controller permits communication with the SCADA system to transmit the connection point data.

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