electric vehicle charging station



  • Use:

    for electric vehicles


The new INGEREV® GARAGE Basic allows to recharge an electric vehicle in a simple and practical way. This equipment has been designed according to the IEC 61851 international standard, making it possible to recharge any vehicle according to the mode 3 of that standard.

This product is especially indicated for its installation in private places, such as parking lots, rather particular or community or company ones. Its design incorporates a steel enclosure and an aluminium front, making it resistant and durable, and ideal for an outdoor installation.

The new INGEREV® GARAGE Basic is available in both single-phase and three-phase versions, with an output power ranging from 4.6 up to 22 kW. There are two different models, depending on the charging outlet, respectively equipped with Type 1 and Type 2 outlets, according to the IEC 62196-2 standard.

Thanks to its USB input, the user can upload the last firmware version into the equipment, as well as change its configuration and access the equipment's data.

Renault-Nissan ZE Ready and EV Ready certification (Please contact Ingeteam for further information).


Wall installation.
Mode 3 vehicle charging (IEC 61851).
Maximum charging power from 4.6 to 22 kW.
6 meters of integrated connection cable, Type 1 or Type 2 (connection mode C of IEC 61851).
Cable hanger included.
Key operated.
Selection of rated power or limited power.
LED status indicator.
Updates and setting configuration via USB.
Report downloading via USB.
Access to safety devices through the bottom cover.
Optional MID approved energy meter.