electric vehicle charging station



  • Use:

    for electric vehicles


The INGEREV® GARAGE charging stations feature an enclosure specially conceived for an on-wall installation, rather indoor than outdoor, and they have been designed to be used in public parking lots, hotels, shopping cetres, private fleets, neighbourhoods, etc.

These equipment present a current inlet Type 2 according to the IEC 62196-2 standard, allowing to charge in mode 3 (IEC 61851), guaranteeing a secure charging process. The mode 3 input features a cable retention and blocking system in order to avoid its disconnection from a non-authorised user. In addition, the charging stations have a domestic input to charge in modes 1 and 2. This input is limited to 10 Amps for security reasons.

The INGEREV® GARAGE charging station is available in both single-phase and three-phase versions, with an output power ranging from 3.7 to 22 kW. In the event of a grid outage, the stations automatically recover their previous state, guaranteeing the correct ending of the charging process.

The INGEREV® GARAGE charging station allows the interconnection with other stations from the INGEREV® series by using RS485 communication interfaces. Up to 10 stations can be enchained. The addition of an Ethernet or 3G hardware makes it possible to remotely connect any station or integrate them into a Control Centre. The INGEREV® series stations support the OCPP protocol and they can be integrated into most of the control systems of the electrical companies.