electric vehicle charging station



  • Use:

    for electric vehicles


The INGEREV® RAPID charging station series have been designed for rapid charging in public areas. They permit the vehicle charging process in direct current at a great power, ensuring the maximum security, simplicity and speed.

These charging stations transmit the power directly to the vehicle's battery, resulting in a greater efficiency of the charging process at a shorter time. For a 50 kW output power, charging times move around 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the vehicle model and the kind of battery.

Ingeteam has designed the INGEREV® RAPID charging stations thanks to its wide experience as a power converter manufacturer, using high efficiency IGBTs. The steel enclosure guarantees a greater resistance under adverse weather conditions. At the same time, its low acoustic emissions while operating makes the INGEREV RAPID suitable also for closed places, such as garages or residential areas.

The INGEREV® RAPID charging stations allow the interconnection with other stations of the INGEREV® series by using a RS485 protocol, up to 10 stations enchained. It is possible to remotely communicate with the equipment by adding an Ethernet or GPRS/3G hardware, and to integrate in a control centre any INGEREV® charging station or a group of them. The INGEREV® charging stations comply the OCPP protocol and they are suitable for most of the electric companies' control systems.


Rapid charging in mode 4 according to IEC 61851-1 and CHAdeMO standards.
Wide backlit LCD screen with LED lighting.
Equipment vigilance and surveillance with a control software.
Control of the vehicle's battery state of charge.