shower glass panel / transparent / curved
inglas vetri



  • Applications:

    for showers

  • Other characteristics:

    transparent, curved


To avoid the unsightly effect of fogging, the glass for furnishing used in bars and shops is to be treated specially. Insulation, in fact, is especially crucial in refrigerated counters and ice cream shop display cases.
Heated stratified spherical glass
For this reason heated stratified spherical glass was invented and the first company to produce it in Italy was Inglas, glassware of Santa Maria a Monte, in the province of Pisa, which operates throughout the province of Pisa and in particular in Castelfranco di Sotto. The company, founded in 1974, has since 1988 been producing curved glass for furnishing, as well as hardened, decorated or coloured glass.
Curvature and decoration
The company is able to bend reflective surfaces of different colours (blue-tinted-bronze) and stratify the glass shade, a special glass on which is applied a white ceramic layer that allows light to reflect; this property makes it suitable for under the counters bars and shops, which need to be back-lit, or more generally it can be used for ceilings or partitions. The company also carries out the decoration of glass for furnishing through sandblasting and etching; moreover, in stratified glass, we can apply semitransparent satin paint that make it easier to clean and serves to strengthen the durability.