stainless steel outdoor shower
TECNO CUBE Inoxstyle



  • Material:

    stainless steel


INOXSTYLE - From luxury yachting to your house, only high quality materials and artisan procedures

Square cross-section, outdoor shower with single-arm. Available also in the versions with a double diffuser or double, T-shaped arms on opposite sides, in the three-arm, T-shape with the arms at 90° angles or with four arms at right angles.


Shower completely made of AISI 316L stainless steel, in both body and screws.
Mirror-like manual polishing of Nautical quality: less vulnerable to the elements.
No visible screws: reduction of limestone accumulation.
Plate cover hides screws of the fixing base are hidden by plate cover: better accident prevention and no deposits, limestone or rust.
Showerhead has a rubber in silicone thats anti-scale and anti-obstruction.
Optional output water easement with 1/2? metal nozzle.
Inoxstyle Special Warranty: 10 years on the shower body.
Tap body made exclusively for the shower.
Tap fully integrated into the shower body. Smaller size and no deposits, limestone or rust.
Customization (text or logos, lights) is possible upon request.

Tap Stella
Showerhead ZOE 150×150 mm
Bottom plate 170×170 mm

Materials: Stainless steel AISI 316L, quick coupling PVC fitting system
Finish: Glossy, mirror-like manual polishing, Nautical level quality.
Measurements: Body 60×60 mm showerhead height 220 cm
Mounting: Bottom plate 170×170 mm
Hook-ups: Water input 1/2''

Timed flow tap
Electronic Tap Genius
Various types of alternative showerheads
Satin finishing
Foot rinse
Telephone showerhead
Water service output 1/2''