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Stainless steel outdoor shower


  • Material:

    stainless steel


A powerful, strong and firm body for an outstanding technical feature which makes its reference point an aesthetic research. Aria Cylinder is an outdoor shower built in a single body devoid of visible connection elements and any junction point, qualities that make it suitable for any type of environment. Aria Cylinder is carefully designed for montage on paved surfaces or on concrete, suitable for any kind of pool installation.

Completely made of AISI 316L stainless steel, both in body and in screws.
Mirror-like manual polishing of Nautical quality: less vulnerable to the weather.
Junctions screws minimized: reduction of oxidizable components.
Screws of the fixing base are hidden by plate cover: best accident prevention and no deposits, lime and rust.
Inoxstyle Special Warranty: 10 years on the shower body.
Shower head with silicone rubber anti-scale and anti-obstruction.
Optional water service output with 1/2″ metal nozzle.
Electronic tap with timer and massage flow function. Aesthetically pleasing, tamper-proof.
Possibility of quick connection base to remove the shower more easily. Easy storage in the winter months and tamper-proof security.
Customizations (text or logos, lights) are possible on request.


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