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Climalux Conservatory, Beautiful and Technically at the Top
With this overall and innovating concept, Installux Aluminium places the conservatory at the centre of the environmental balance of the house. The Climalux conservatory benefits by our latest developments: high-performance opening frames of the 70TH & 32TH series, and totally watertight framed tubular roof.

Technically and aesthetically speaking, the Climalux conservatory is a real breakthrough. Its elegant presentday style is characterized by the perfect integration of the sliding and hinged openings, resulting in a significant aluminium mass reduction. The roof assembly technique ensures a remarkable finish.

With Installux Aluminium’s Climalux conservatory you will be able to offer your customers an exclusive product second to none.

Your Reasons to Choose Installux Aluminium’s Climalux Conservatory
+ Excellent thermal performances allowing the conservatory to fit into an LEB (Low-Energy Building) project.
+ Complete set of specific frames accepting the highperformance doors and windows of the 70TH & 32TH series.
+ Aesthetic consistency and outstanding finish thanks to unique technical solutions.