exterior structural glazing



The Univers® VEC TH range is destined to the construction of grid-pattern curtain wall or semicurtain wall façades with fixed frames and Italian windows of equal visible area, separated by 14-mm joint gaps.
It is composed of a series of mullions and transoms to assemble with junction blocks.

The thermal-break frame profiles accept 20 to 24-mm glazing.
The use of a vulcanized gasket frame made to the dimensions of the glass panes facilitates the installation (no angle sealing) and achieves optimal thermal insulation (Uf = 1.85 W/K.m2) complying with the RT2010 standard.
The bonding of the glazing units to the workshop assembled frames is carried out by a duly authorized Company according to local regulations.
All the frames must be fitted out with safety devices for added security and safety.
The frames are fitted on site directly into the main structure, the fixed frames by a drop-and-lock, screw avoiding device, the openable frames by hinged arms.

The technical options of this design reduce fabrication and installation time, while guaranteeing top quality of the finished product.