concrete floor covering / tertiary / concrete look / exterior



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  • Appearance:

    concrete look

  • Options:

    exterior, interior, water-repellent, decorative


Nuvolato flooring transforms concrete into a work of art.

Nuvolato flooring is characterized by its fine, “cloudlike” finishing. The surface of the floor appears pleasantly shaded with variations of darker colors, with lighter colors that stand out as if they were clouds. The chromatic range is incredibly wide, creating unique Nuvolato floors and making completely personalized projects with exclusive color gradations.

Beautiful to see, Nuvolato flooring is also simple to clean and requires very little maintenance. It thus lends itself to be placed as flooring for offices or shops and in all public environments. Nuvolato flooring is fortified with the addition of appropriate sealants and protectants that densify and harden the concrete. The flooring thus becomes impervious to atmospheric agents, water-repellent, mark-free, spot-free, and oil and dust repellent. By choosing “brushed” type finishing, it is possible also make exterior floors impermeable and anti-skid.

Fields of application of the Nuvolato flooring
Nuvolato flooring is a decorative finishing ideal for offices, private residences, lofts, showrooms, shops, public sites, restaurants, discotheques, pubs, hotel, shopping centers, and exposition and trade show pavilions.