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    stone look

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    interior, decorative, exterior, water-repellent


is an innovative solution that makes dramatic decorative finishings for walls able to recreate fabulous effects such as artificial stone, artificial brick, false rock and imitation wood.

Finishing execution times with the stamped wall technique are significantly faster and require less use of labor. The surface is made with a special breathable cementitious mortar, easy to work with, using appropriate stamps to print the desired decoration. Stamped plasters are applied in thicknesses that range from 10 to 20 millimeters and are colored, choosing among a wide range.

The stamped wall is extremely versatile and can be applied on practically any type of surface, such as concrete, masonry, brick, stone, drywall, polystyrene and also wood, after the preparation of the background and use of a specific primer to provide better adherence of the stamped plasters.

The stamped wall can be made indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the use of protectants, the surface becomes water-repellent and resistant to atmospheric agents.

In addition to stamped walls, with this technique it is also possible to make columns, fireplaces, stairways, steps, decorative elements and panels.