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  • Market:

    home, tertiary

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  • Appearance:

    stone look

  • Options:

    interior, decorative, exterior, impact-resistant, waterproof


is a special single-component, shrink-proof fibreboard mortar that can be easily molded to create faux stones, rocks, fountains, stairways, doorjambs, tables, trees and other architectural elements.

PLAM ROCK is a very versatile product and can be used on a wide range of vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is applied directly on brick, clay-brick, concrete, polystyrene, drywall, wood and metal supports, incorporating a galvanized metal network inside it or, in case of low thickness, Isoplam® fiberglass screen.

Simple to work with, it allows creating incredibly realistic objects with refined details. PLAM ROCK can be molded by hand or with the appropriate rubber molds that allow making artificial rocks quickly and at low cost. The dramatic elements can also be perfected with a personal artistic touch by using the Isoplam® tool kit.

Thanks to the excellent characteristics of water-repellence and resistance to atmospheric agents and to impact, artificial rocks and other decorative elements made with PLAM ROCK do not fear water and last a long time.

Fields of application of PLAM ROCK
PLAM ROCK is used for making artificial rocks, columns, arches, fireplaces, panels, stairways, doorjambs, windowsills and decorative structures in gardens, aquatic parks, amusement parks, theme parks, pools, residences, public sites, and commercial, administrative and manufacturing surfaces.