helical staircase / wooden frame / wooden steps / without risers



  • Type:


  • Structure:

    wooden frame

  • Steps:

    wooden steps

  • Riser:

    without risers

  • Style:


  • Options:

    lateral stringer


Edera Cm is the absolute expression of the wood craftsmanship. The elegance of the shapes and the refined design are the principle characteristics of this stair model, which is both a spiral and a helicoidal staircase.

Standard product description: the stair is characterized by a central wooden and helical pole to which the wooden treads are connected. The stair railing is composed by a low rectangular section wooden band connecting the treads, painted steel posts (for the picture stair the customer has specifically requested steel posts painted in gold, and this is an optional treatment), rectangular section wooden handrail and newel post. The pole shape suggests elegance, design and sinuosity, and it is functional in order to have more way in space than the spiral staircases with traditional central poles.

As optional on can have the extra balustrade on the arrival floor in order to protect the ceiling hole or the loft, and double starting treads in order to ameliorate the stair way in.

The standard diameters available are 1200-1300-1400-1500-1600-1700-1800-1900-2000 mm, while the risers vary from 210 to 240 mm. Standard tread thickness 40 mm.

The woods basically employed are the solid beech and the Tanganika walnut, but in optional on can have oak, brushed oak, and other types of wood according to the customer specific request.