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decorative paint / for woodwork / for wood / exterior
IVM Chemicals



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    for woodwork

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    for wood

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Klima Aquatech Line: Exterior wood items must be protected from adverse environmental conditions and unwanted guests such as fungi, mold and parasites.These conditions are a constant threat to the beauty of windows, doors, rolling shutters,decks, trusses and fences, chalets and barns.

The coating line for exteriors by Ilva has been developed to provide excellent protection from the aggression of atmospheric and biological agents, while improving the beauty of exterior wooden items.

Klima Aquatech Line is suitable for various painting cycles and all systems of application. Products are available in various container sizes to satisfy the needs of both professionals and small users. Klima Aquatech products are ideal for long term wood maintenance and the restoration of doors and windows.

Klima Aquatech, water-based primers, base and topcoats for exteriors

• Clear primers
• Colored primers
• Clear base coats
• Colored base coats
• Clear matt top coats
• Colored matt top coats
• Clear matt top coats, wax-effect