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Metal shutter
HERMES Jansen Tore GmbH & Co. KG



The door leaf consists of aluminium slats or steel slats. The separate slats are hinge-like joined together. Steel end pieces prevent side-ways displacement of the slats.


The roller door is guided in revisable steel guide rails. The rolled-up door shell and the rolling shaft are cased by a covering hood.


A specially coordinated drive and control system (micro-processor steered lock system) which has been approved by building control is employed.

Application as permanent functional door can be avouched.

Due to miscellaneous independently adjustable parameters in the control our roller door HERMES can be run like standard industrial doors (see supplementary equipment).

Due to battery buffering the door will be held in its current position for at least four hours in case of a power outage. The control as well as all other safety devices continue to be active in case of fire.


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