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BLISS Jean marie reynaud



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BLISS Loudspeaker System

The BLISS* makes use of the exclusive loading system developed for the Offrande Signature, giving it the ability to reproduce a sound environment considerably larger than the modest size and architecture of its enclosure would lead one to expect.

Spontaneous and lively with rich and marvelous tone, it provides a very smooth subjective spectrum of sound and is capable of exploring the very low end without hump or drag effect.


The traditional loading system commonly used (such as reflex system or sealed box) generates high pressure levels inside the cabinet close to their tuning frequency, the consequences of which can be easily heard across a very wide portion of the audio spectrum: sound box effect, lack of speed, and tonal distortion.

The four-coupled cavities loading principal used in the Offrande Signatures and Duets allows a regulation of air flow inside the cabinet, resulting in lower air elasticity. Its expansion profile has been perfectly tuned, thanks to the use of analog signals to identify the appearance of a flat wave. This double compression chamber, dampened with a viscoelastic compound, gives a very high velocity to the enclosed air, which then reaches the two other uneven internal chambers through a tuned event port. These two cavities dampen the air flow at the exit of the compression chamber. One of them is tuned by a slim event port at the frequency resonance of both cabinet and woofer.

Impedance 4 ohms
Frequency response 45 - 25000 Hz
Power handling capacity 70 Watts
Peak Power 140 Watts
Sensitivity 89 dB/W/M
Distorsion less than 0.7 % (84 dB level)
Connection Mono-wiring
Dimensions 17
Weight 10 kg