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Tower speaker / wooden
EUTERPE Jean marie reynaud


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EUTERPE Loudspeaker

Using the same drivers as the DUET, the EUTERPE was conceived with the same exacting standards and spirit as the most ambitious products of our range.

Its performance is outstanding, especially in the very low end frequencies, which it explores with ease and acuteness and without humps or drag effects.

While easy to drive, it will reveal the range of its abilities most effectively when associated with high performance electronics with sufficient power supply.


The loading system uses a triangular transmission line that makes possible a fast and deep bass response without coloration or distortion and a very fast establishment of wave trains, avoiding parallel partition and stationary waves.

Its tweeter is installed in a separate cavity to guarantee complete inertia, avoiding all mechanical interaction with the woofer.


12 and 12dB/Octave slope, RC circuitry on the drivers in order to flatten their impedance curve. Air coils and polypropylene capacitors with tin armature on the tweeter cell. Cut off frequency 3200Hz

Printed board free pin to pin wiring to avoid loss of any information.



7" composite cone made of paper/carbon compound with aquaplast core, phase plug, 1.5" moving coil onto high temperature support, flat spider, anti resonant ABS basket.


1.1" pure silk soft dome, double neodium magnet system, tuned rear chamber, anti resonant front horn.

Impedance 4 ohms
Frequency response 40 - 22000 Hz
Power handling capacity 80 Watts
Peak Power 160 Watts
Sensitivity 90 dB/W/M (2v83)
Distorsion less than 0.7%
Connection Mono wiring
Dimensions H 36” P 13’’ L 8’
Weight 20 kg


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