Interior fitting decorative panel / acrylic
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    for interior fittings

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Berman Resin is available in three standard thicknesses:

* 1/4" (0.236") 6mm
* 3/8" (0.354") 10mm
* 1/2" (0.50") 12mm

Non standard thicknesses are also available on a special order basis:

* 3/4" (0.708") 18mm
* 1" (0.944") 24mm
* 1 1/2" (1.5") 36mm
* 2" (2.0") 48mm

Panels can be manufactured in sizes up to 48" (1219mm) x 108" (2743mm). Some restrictions apply; specific panel sizes for projects are subject to review by the studio.

Berman Resin is available in four distinct types:

1. clear acrylic
2. organic green acrylic – clear acrylic with a green edge; appearance is similar to regular float glass
3. color-coated acrylic – clear acrylic with an acrylic urethane color coating
4. clear PETG


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