data socket / USB / wall-mounted / contemporary
2130 Jung



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    data, USB

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The USB data interface enables the coupling of a PC for the addressing, programming and diagnoses of KNX components. The power is fully supplied by the connected PC via the USB interface. This means that the USB data interface is no longer connected for the KNX if the USB cable is not plugged in. The device is only programmed locally with a physical address via the connected PC and therefore does not have a programming button or programming LED. The firmware of the USB data interface can be updated via a PC and is therefore safeguarded for future standards.
Note: The USB data interface is supported by ETS 3 software from version “a” upwards and by the PC operating systems Windows XP and Windows 7.
Connection: The connection to the KNX is carried out with the aid of the bus connecting terminal. The USB connection is carried out with a certified USB cable (1 x B plug required) with a max. length of 5 m.

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