louvre window / wooden / aluminum / glass



  • Opening system:


  • Material:

    wooden, aluminum, glass

  • Technical characteristics:



The 1426 KAJOU louvre is an opening system with adjustable horizontal slats, facilitating ventilation, light, sunlight protection and intrusion protection for areas that are not permanently occupied.

The gap between the slats will not allow a person to pass through them, nor dismantle the frame from the outside.

New or refurbishing
Multiple-occupancy or individual residences

Overseas look & feel
Architectural freedom: various choices of slats, either in glass, aluminium or wood.
The casement bolt can be used in the same way as the frame, being integrated into the Kawneer hardware: matching colours
The ergonomically-designed casement bolt blends into the appearance of the window.
The parts and frames can be anodised or thermal-painted from a range of over 300 RAL colours, including the new wood colours (Arboral).

- The louvre design is based on extruded frames and cast parts, ensuring the long functional lifetime of the product.
- The waterproofing between the slats is protected by the EPDM joint between the slats and by the brush joint between the slats and the frame.
- As an option, it is possible to integrate a stainless steel drawn section in the tubular part of the full aluminium slat (or slat support), which will help prevent breakage of the frame (by protecting the aluminium slat from being cut).
- Air (A), Water (E), Wind (V):
Frame with aluminium slats 0.90 x 1.183
A*3 E*4B V*C4
- Adjustable slats in 3 positions

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