vertical awning / motorized / patio
SCREENY 85 GC KE Outdoor Design



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Product advantages:
• Cassette options
• Modular tensioning system
• Easy fabric fixation
• Easy Installation
• Single Box profile / double installation
• Cassette support in view
• Cassette control
• Air and water tightness
• Patented design
• Tensioning system
• Versatile

Cassette Options
THE CASSETTE allows the:
• Disappearance of the terminal during the awning closing phase
• Fully protects the fabric on the inside
• Cassette plug with graft standing facilitates awning installation
• Allows the attachment of the sun side guides. The cover can be easily inspected to ensure quick awning maintenance.
Modular system
Screeny 85 is available in:
• Single-double version
• Central guide allows the union of two individual modules with separate cassette
Easy Install of the fabric
The new rod snap simplifies attaching the fabric to the roller tube 56mm. It is installed with a slight pressure of the hand, avoiding the insertion side of the fabric.

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