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Wall-mounted pergola / aluminum / commercial
XTESA KE Outdoor Design


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open to the world completely, close your world hermetically

KE is a company that is constantly investing in innovation to be able to bring cutting edge products to the market, able to meet the most complex demands and to anticipate future trends. The research focuses on one hand on the design and refined details, on the other on the selection of materials for durability, functionality and maintenance of aesthetical plus of the products through time.

The last born of KE is XTESA, a pergola with innovative rolling up fabric instead of packing one. Due to this peculiarity, XTESA is suitable to be installed even in extreme architectural environments, achieving substantial protrusions with contained slopes. In addition, the rolled up fabric guarantees the maximum illumination possible instead of the obstruction to the light of the packed fabric of the pergola.

This structure guarantees a certified resistance to water and wind and protects from sunlight, keeping the thermal insulation of the environment. You can also provide it with weather sensors that regulate the movement of the fabric depending on weather conditions (sun, wind, rain).

But that's not all! Xtesa can also be integrated with various options such as the "light & music" kit, the LED lighting and the sound system.
An elegant minimalism, supported by an evolving technology characterize this KE product, expression of a renewed interpretation of the shading systems, which become real "objects of design."


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