modular building / prefab / hardwood / FSC-certified
KREOD Kebony



  • Type:

    modular, prefab

  • Material:


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KREOD is an innovative architectural sculpture, organic in form, environmentally-friendly and inspired by nature. Resembling three seeds, the three 20m² pods combine through a series of interlocking hexagons to create an enclosed structure that is not only magnificently intricate but secure and weatherproof. KREOD functions beautifully both as an architectural landmark and an imaginative exhibition space – its three pods can be combined in a variety of configurations or installed as independent free-standing forms.

Chun Qing Li, Managing Director of Pavilion Architecture: "Using Kebony cladding for KREOD was a great showcase for a sustainable and forward thinking construction method. KREOD considers the environment and the lifecycle of the design; the choice of material is innovative, simple, and eco-friendly."

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