modified wood cladding / smooth / strip / durable
FARRIS BATH by Halvorsen & Reine AS Kebony



  • Material:

    modified wood

  • Finish:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    durable, FSC-certified


The modern spahotel Farris Bath was built on historical grounds, at HRH King Haakons Farris Spring. This natural source and the Farris Mineral Water became well known among doctors and wealthy people during the 19th century, for its positive health effect. It was sold both as bathing water and in bottles for drinking.
Farris Bad Spa Hotel is mainly designed and built with local manpower and raw materials (ex. local beech and larvikitt stone), and with great respect for both the local- and the global environment.
The building itself gives an impression of transparency, and is a great ambassador of Nordic engineering, architecture and craftsmanship. It seems to be floating in the air above the beach, streching its long arms out into nothingness.
The building has a rectangular shape, with an atrium that opens south towards The Larvik Fjord. It consists of two twofloored wings, and being perched on stilts, half the hotel is literarily situated "in" the water. Dividing the levels and lifting them up increases the sense of purity and closeness to nature which is the very essence of spa.