stainless steel tactile stud
KTWS/25/5/FDG Kent Stainless



  • Material:

    stainless steel


Kent Tactile Warning Stud KTWS/25/5/FDG provides an underfoot warning to identify hazards and dangerous areas where there is a change in levels or where there is an unprotected opening such as open stairwells and platforms. The stainless steel material is ideal for high-traffic pedestrian areas. The slip resistant design ensures the studs do not themselves become a hazard in wet or cold conditions.

Kent Stainless Tactile Warning Studs have been TFL approved for sites in London and notably can be seen at The Shard and London Bridge.

Underfoot warning to identify hazards and dangerous areas
Grade 316L stainless steel
Easy installation
Can be incorporated onto the full range of Kent Stainless seats and benches.
Slip resistant design