stainless steel manhole / recessed
KHMP1200/1200 Kent Stainless



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:


  • Width:

    1,320 mm


The Kent Hinged Multi Paver is ideal for covering staircases down to tunnels, or for areas where equipment or supplies (spare parts, generators, substations) may need to be lifted in and out relatively frequently. It is perfect where opening the manhole can be frequent, where a single operator may arrive on site and where maintenance personnel may not have access to specialised lifting equipment.
This makes them ideal for covering tunnels or large underground chambers.
They contain all the features of our Kent Solo Paver manholes. They are typically supplied in stainless steel , but with an option for galvanised steel). In addition the manholes are hinged with a robust stainless steel hinge, they have keying in mesh to allow block adhesion with epoxy mortar, and they have Kent lift-assist mechanical struts to allow a manhole to be opened with a force compliant with manual handling regulations.

Laser Cut Lettering
Kent Lift-Assist Mechanical Struts
Central support beam built into cover
Opens to 90 degrees
Safety Stay as standard
Lift Assist Automatic Watertight option also available