stainless steel manhole cover / square
KCHQMA-2400/2400 Kent Stainless



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Shape:



he Kent Chequer Man Access Manholes, KCHQMA-2400/2400 are used where equipment may be inserted in a chamber at the beginning of a project and should not need to be replaced for many years. Overall, this is one large manhole cover which has a man access hatch inserted to cater for frequent access by maintenance personnel and also to cater for emergency situations. As this is one large cover, it lends itself to be easily modified to become watertight.They can be supplied as watertight against pressureless surface water and they can also be modified to include an added internal drainage channel as an extra feature.

They are manufactured in accordance with BS9124:2008 and FACTA standards and they are made from Grade 304L or Grade 316L Stainless Steel as standard. Material can be changed to Galvanised Mild steel when required and there is a Double Sealed version available.

There is also an option to include an Inspection Port if required. (150mm x 150mm hinged)
Typically the ‘Man Access Hatch’ has 600mm x 600mm clear opening. These covers are hinged with a robust stainless steel hinge, and they can be supplied with Gas struts or Kent Lift Assist mechanical struts to allow the ‘Man Access Hatch’ to be opened with a force compliant with manual handling regulations.