stainless steel linear shower drain
KLSD(AO) Kent Stainless



  • Material:

    stainless steel


This is an adjustable outlet version of our Kent Linear Shower Drain. This outlet design can apply to Linear Shower Drains with perforated tops, tiled tops or stainless slot tops. It normally has a 50mm spigot outlet underneath and this should be trapped elsewhere in the system by a P Trap or S bend. It can also be ordered with a 1 ½" BSP PVC trapped side outlet.

The product was designed to be installed on a site where upstands for outlets are already cast into place, but these outlets may be slightly off centre. There is a 25mm movement either side of the outlet in the design shown - but Kent can accommodate other dimensions on request.

Kent Stainless Linear Shower Drain Channels are made to order in our Irish factory and offer excellent value for money. Due to their lightweight construction they can be air freighted with an 8-10 day delivery period.

Grade 316 Stainless steel
Easy to clean
Ex stock; spare parts also ex stock