stainless steel grating for drain channel / for kitchens / for industrial applications
KAMG150 Kent Stainless



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Applications:

    for industrial applications, for kitchens


Kent Antislip Mesh Grating KAMG150 has serrations on the load bearing bars. It has 22mm x 22mm openings and either

2mm or 3mm load bearing bars depending on the loading required and the free span of the channel. The KAMG is perfect for areas with large volumes of wash down water and vat discharge
Finish is Electropolished for extra hygiene.
Stock sizes are 146mm wide and 196mm wide x 990mm, 207mm x 207mm, 307mm x 307mm.
All sizes can be fabricated
25mm depth as standard – increased to 40mm or 50mm where loading requires this
Above is described as Single AntiSlip. A Double Antislip version is available with serrations on both the load bearing bars and also on the cross bars.

Recommended for:
White Welly Traffic
5 Ton Forklift
Pallet Trucks