stainless steel linear shower drain



  • Material:

    stainless steel


Variety of different installation options - for an individual bathroom design!

Shower channels in a classic, timeless design. Minimalistic impression fits elegantly in a purist bathroom design. The finely finished channel surface and perimeter stainless steel frame result in a visual interplay between the shimmering matt and glossy surfaces.

Most importantly the channel of the shower channel Linearis Comfort can be installed with the stainless steel surface facing up, or reversed to offer a recessed side where the bathroom tile or natural stone surface can be installed. Two very different visual options, all in the same shower channel.

The ready-to-install shower channel has a low installation depth of only 93 mm, making it suitable for renovation work and new construction work. It can be installed near the wall or on the room side and has height-adjustable installation supports which make installation easier. The height of the shower channel rim can also be adapted to the floor covering, thus making the use of natural stone possible.