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INDULVENT EC Kiefer GmbH Luft- und Klimatechnik



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Decentralised fan coil system which sets new benchmarks in terms of dimensions, cooling capacity, acoustics and comfort. INDULVENT ec was developed as a clear alternative to current ceiling fan coil systems and the associated disadvantages. INDULVENT ec offers 3D ambient air conditioning: maximum cooling capacity + good acoustics + highly comfortable inflow behaviour = above average user satisfaction.
The energy-saving, acoustically optimised EC fan draws the ambient air into the interior of the housing and cools it by means of the integrated ring cooler. The cooled ambient air is then fed back into the room via the front plate with highly inductive air guide vanes. The major advantage which results from combining a fan coil system with inductive introduction of air is reflected in the significantly greater comfort. In contrast to current systems, which blow the supply air into the room without extensive mixing with ambient air, here Kiefer's own comfortable, draught-free ambient air flow is formed. A condensate dish with float module and a low-noise condensate pump are integrated in the interior of the housing to ensure operational reliability. This means that any condensate that arises can be carried away easily and safely via a condensate line. The supply air flow rate and the associated cooling capacity are regulated according to the requirements of the user and of the space. The integrated Vent-BUS technology enables master/slave operation without further outlay on control technology. In conjunction with a remote switch, it is even possible to achieve single-room control.