polypropylene vapor barrier



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Permo® sec is a vapour permeable waterproofing barrier that is installed as a separating layer between copper, zinc, aluminium and stainless steel standing seam roof finishes and the supporting deck.

Product features & benefits
Covers irregularities within roof
deck that could de-form metal roof
Fully waterproof secondary barrier
to moisture penetration
Fully vapour permeable
Acoustic value of 8db helps reduce
the transmission of external
structure borne sounds eg rain
Will not bond with the underside of
the outer covering in hot conditions
Allows movement between the outer
covering and the structural deck
Prevents condensation that occurs
on the underside of the metal roof
covering from re-entering the roof
structure. Any build-up of moisture
between the outer metal roof
covering and the Permo® sec metal
will be channelled safely to the eaves
due to the nature of the 8mm mesh
outer layer
Offers protection against external
moisture that may penetrate the
outer roof covering
Provides an air space below zinc
coverings to allow protective
oxidation to form
Can be used as a temporary water
proofing barrier. However, it is
recommended that the outer
covering is applied as quickly as
Area of application
Suitable for:
roof pitches over 3°
Can be laid over rigid insulation or
timber boarding
Outer layer of polypropylene mesh
bonded to a vapour permeable membrane. 4 layer fleece foil combination of
polyolefin, hydrophobic treatment and
PP monofilament mesh.

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