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countertop office divider / fabric / laminate / acrylic
by Marc Krusin Knoll international



  • Installation:


  • Material:

    fabric, laminate, acrylic, aluminum


Desk mounted screens in pinnable fabric, laminate, clear and satin acrylic. Each screen features a top rail to accept a variety of accessory boxes.

Scope Screens: Extruded aluminium framework; fabric wrapped board. Plastic.
Universal Screens by Marc Krusin: solid core laminate, acrylic, fabric.

Scope Screens: 4 Scope fabric groups; Customers own material plus white translucent plastic.
Universal Screens by Marc Krusin: Solid core laminate in white, light grey and carbon. Acrylic in clear, light grey and satin. 4 fabric groups and customer own material.

Scope Screens: A strong and reliable range of boundary screens designed with an aesthetic link to other Scope products. Multiple accessory slat and fabric group options combined with floor standing, modesty and desk-up applications. Well engineered linking components allow connection to any desk layout.
Universal Screens by Marc Krusin: desk-up applications designed to complement all Knoll systems ranges. They present a clean and slim aesthetic with minimum depth. They can support all knoll systems accessories.

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