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The Kokowall Garden Privacy Screens natural look befits any environment. The Kokowall Garden Privacy Screen is more robust and larger than the Kokowall Garden Screen. The Kokowall screens outer side is finished with natural and durable coco fibres, which ensures a pleasing and ideal surface for climbing plants. The Kokowall garden privacy screen will be overgrown with plants within a few years.
Kokowall garden privacy screen panels
consist of galvanized steel U-channels filled with a row of coco fibre wrapped plastic poles. Two coco fibre taped steel poles reinforce the coco fibre plastic poles.

Standard sizes Kokowall® XL garden privacy screen:
Kokowall® Garden Privacy Screen W x H 250 x 180cm
Kokowall® Garden Privacy Screen W x H 250 x 200cm
Kokowall® Garden Privacy Screen W x H 200 x 220cm
Standard diameter Kokowall® Garden Privacy Screen: 5 cm
The Kokowall® Garden Privacy Screen (W x H: 250 x 200 cm) weighs
42 kg. Kokowall® garden privacy screens can be made to measure at
a cost effective price provided the width does not exceed 250 cm and
the height is no less than 220 cm.