data socket / multimedia / USB / multi-person
EASYCONNECT UTA KOMTECH Kommunikationstechnik GmbH



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    data, multimedia, USB

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    for offices


Easy Connect™ - THE idea which many others have attempted to implement. - We did it!

All types of signals - ONE system
KOMTECH Easy Connect™ integrates all common signal types in one system and is directly integrated in the desk panel. For most types of signals no further switch, distributor or converter is required.

Easy Connect™ provides nearly unlimited entry points via serial connection. The distribution of the signal is possible via CAT cable (daisy chain) to multiple places and guarantees loss-free transmission up to 100m in Full HD.

Therefore only one (Cat) cable is required!
In addition to VGA & Audio, HDMI and DisplayPort also the transmission of LAN (100M Ethernet) is possible.

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