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half-height turnstile / for access control / glass / steel
100 , 50 , 30 KONE



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    for access control, glass, steel

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    for public buildings


In modern buildings, turnstiles are becoming an integral part of the people flow process. The KONE Turnstile 100 features durable, high-quality steel and glass, full access and destination control integration and includes stylish lighting options as well as a range of visual guidance alternatives.

Product KONE Turnstile 100, 50, 30
Applications Residential, offices, transit centres, hotels
Options Stand-alone or linked to other access monitoring systems

The KONE Turnstile 100 and KONE Turnstile 50 are stylish half-height sensor barrier solutions designed for public and commercial buildings and airports. The KONE Turnstile 30 is an efficient, durable tripod solution for buildings with high-volume throughput, such as sports and educational facilities and transit centres.

Features and options

Our solutions are available either as stand-alone systems or to complement other access monitoring systems
The visual design of our turnstile solutions is consistent with our lift signalisation and access control reader solutions, enabling a harmonised look and feel throughout your building
KONE Turnstiles incorporate visual cues for the correct walking route and can include illuminating arrows and traffic-light guidance that provide clear directions
Adjustable gate direction, possibility to integrate any brand of access card reader and choice of finishes
Energy-efficient LED strips provide sufficient walkway lighting and add to the premium look of the turnstile
The glass and steel panels are resistant to wear and tear, vandal-proof and easy to clean