electric convector / stainless steel / contemporary / linear



  • Power source:


  • Finish:

    stainless steel

  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    linear, horizontal, floor-mounted


Heating benches with desk with natural convection

For heating and rest? Yes. Just sit back, rest, relax or just wait. For benches with top desk made of solid oak, beech or of artificial stone a load is no problem. Proven clever combination of design, performance and utility features will be appreciated in the implementation of residential development and public spaces.

KORALINE LD Exclusive was designed for premises intended for relaxation. The bench is fitted with a covering desk that can withstand static load without problems and is also suitable to sit on. Attention, the covering desk must be ordered separately. The desks are positioned on the convector and fixed to the convector structure. The KORALINE LD Exclusive convector can be installed for example in halls or winter gardens. For use in pool areas we recommend the order is placed for complete stainless steel finish – so called pool version.

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