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Cement floor covering / commercial / high-gloss / interior
TRU® Korodur


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    interior, self-leveling


TRU Self-Leveling / TRU PC are self-leveling, fast-setting, best for polishing, decorative floors for indoors and outdoors with exceptional features. The unique product features of TRU base on the high performance and innovative Rapid Set Cement Technology from the U.S.

TRU Self-Leveling / TRU PC are qualifies for multipurpose applications providing attractive, unique designs for sales rooms, restaurants, foyers, museums, administration buildings and any other representative rooms.

TRU Self-Leveling / TRU PC are characterized by high early strength, durability and non-shrink setting. TRU material maintains workability for up to 30 minutes, is ready to walk on in 2 - 3 hours and can be polished to a high dense sheen already 24 hours after placement.

TRU Self-Leveling can be produced in various colors. For polished optics, additional individual effects can be achieved by sprinkling decorative aggregates (e. g. glass, marble). TTRU PC includes the decorative aggregate (up to 2,5 mm).


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