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NEW: EUROFLEX® Game Floor KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG



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Children learn playfully to generate energy for themselves. This energy is transferred to the slabs and generates light effects that stimulate the children to run to the points in the right colour sequence. The set contains 4 or 8 illuminating and shock sensitive rubber tiles. Power is generated by turning the crank of the hemisphere. After powering a rubber tile will illuminate. When the
player kicks this tile, another one will illuminate and so on. The software will adapt to the skill of the player. If the player or Players are fast, the game will increase its speed. If the player isn’t able to keep up with the game, the game will adjust to the player. The hemisphere is used to generate the power but will also give audio feedback to the user. The products combine shock absorption flooring elements with interactive playing happiness on a high technical and quality level. The energy works in the low voltage range and is absolutly harmless. No battery or external power supply is needed. The playing
equipment is really easy to maintain and can be installed both indoor or outdoor.