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PVC flooring / recycled rubber / residential / tertiary
KRAITEC® step roof PVC KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG



  • Material:

    PVC, recycled rubber

  • Market:

    residential, tertiary

  • Format:


  • Options:

    exterior, recyclable


The protective mat with PVC cladding for flat roofs

KRAITEC® step roof PVC is a protective mat made of rubber granules with PVC cladding on the bottom that is used on flat roofs with PVC foil covering as a walkway for maintenance, inspection and installation.

KRAITEC® step roof PVC is also used as a protective layer under roof structures (e.g. solar installations, antennas, ply separation, etc.).

KRAITEC® step roof PVC features PVC non-woven cladding on the bottom as an integrated separating layer in case of incompatibility with the roofing felt.

The PVC cladding enables permanent bonding to the PVC roofing felt by means of hot-air welding to prevent lifting or slipping.