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outdoor flexible tile / floor / recycled rubber / damping
KRAITEC® step KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG



  • Location:


  • Installation:


  • Material:

    recycled rubber

  • Other characteristics:

    damping, 100% recyclable, tertiary

  • Thickness:

    3 cm (1.2 in)


For terraces and balconies

KRAITEC® step products are high-quality elastic surfacing slabs made from recycled rubber. They are comfortable to walk on, look great and provide outstanding surfacing on terraces and balconies as well as on walkways around houses and in gardens.

On flat roofs

Flat roofs must allow access for maintenance, repair and cleaning work. KRAITEC® step is ideally suited for walkways and as protective mat for waterproofing systems on flat roofs. KRAITEC® step can be directly installed on all types of waterproofing thus protecting the roof system from damage. Material compatibility must be clarified beforehand. For problematic material combinations we recommend KRAITEC® step plus with polyester geotextile laminate (300 g/m²) on the bottom side. Installation of KRAITEC® step is fast and simple using the connector pins supplied. The surface can be walked on immediately after installation. This dense and rugged rubber slab is also well suited for use in support pads under roof-mounted structures (antennas, air conditioning units, etc.)

KRAITEC ® step satisfies the criterion „hard roofing“:

Materials used as top layers on flat roofs must resist flying sparks and radiated heat to minimize fire risks.
KRAITEC® step was tested by an independant testing institute and received the classification Broof (t1) according to DIN EN 13501-5 (testing based on DIN V ENV 1187). The „hard roofing“ criterion is proved by a general building authority test certificate (test number: P-3692/139/11-MPA BS). KRAITEC® step - contributes considerably to the protection of your valuable property.